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Better Corrosion Resistance Coatings

Moly kote – A dry lubricant coating contains molybdenum. This coating to be done after Nitriding, Phasphating, or sand/grit /glass beed blasting. It will have good adhesion on well prepared pre treated surface. This coating can be done on any steel and aluminum components. This is a heat curing coating, so after the coating and drying the parts are to be cured at 150 to 200 ° C for minimum 1 hour to have good bonding on the surface. Molykote can be applied by conventional painting method like spraying, dipping or brushing. The layer thickness can be adjustable with dilution and application method..


Since it is a dry lubricant it does not pick up dust/dirt like oil or grease and it is Provides excellent corrosion resistance as compared to plating.

Better sliding property and wear resistance, and reduces co- efficient of friction.

Reduces frictional torque and with stand in high contact load as compared to oil/grease.

It is provides permanent lubrication due to that, increasing the life of the coated parts.

Process : -


Pretreatment(Surface Preperation Process)

Moly Kote


Oven Curing


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