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0xidizing Process

We are one of the reliable names offering oxidizing process for the clients. These services are rendered with the help of panel of expert professional who are technically sound and dedicated towards their work. After QPQ treatment, plain-carbon steel can be used instead of stainless steel, whilst the QPQ process can also substitute for anti-corrosion and anti oxidizing processes like blacking, phosphorescing chromium plating, etc.

The oxide layer generated by some techniques consists of magnetite and hematite. The magnetite film can improve the corrosion resistance greatly, but the hematite would decrease the corrosion resistance. However, in our test, the oxide layer of the QPQ treated specimens only made up of magnetite and the corrosion resistance is greatly improved. Relatively, little work has been done concerning the systematic investigations on the techniques of the oxidation process. The entire range of oxidizing process is made accessible at feasible prices.

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